Before you go to the MyFav Taxi page just to let you know Myfav was designed as your perfect “Home Page”. The majority of internet users have “Google” as their “Home Page”, MyFav has the Google Search input box but also has much much more.

Myfav has

* A ‘Google Search’ input box, with quick buttons to change to Ask Jeeves, AVG, Bing, Chum Hum (for lovers of  series of “The Good Wife” but not recommended), Epic Search and Yahoo.  more

* An ‘Amazon Search’ input box, with quick buttons to 21 more ( and growing ) search bars.  more

* A ‘Quick Address Bar’  to simplify entering internet addresses.  more

* Loads of ‘Iconic Grids’ or “Tiled Grids”  logos to the most used internet sites plus a locked or user group button with many pages under this button to many specialised and adult only grids. NB taxi is no longer locked, this is now under the ‘Left screen Selector’ more

* Further down are links to provide some interesting alternatives to the logo’ed links

* Some sample ‘Gadgets’.  more

* Some sample ‘Personal Bookmarks’.  more

* Digital clock with date (internet accurate).  more

* Two useful countdown clocks to notable upcoming events.  more


But Registered MyFav Users have additional options

* to Personalise your own Bookmarks.  More

* to Personalise your own up to ‘Gadgets’. Includes Weather, world clocks and increasing.

         (Due to widgetbox a third party supplier of web based widgets ceasing 28/4/14, the         current range is limited and we are actively increasing the range).  More

* Display “Personal Notes” on your MyFav Page. More.

* set your default  ‘Search Bar’, currently, Google, Ask Jeeves, AVG secure, Bing, Chum Hum and Yahoo.  More

* set your default ‘Retailer Search Bar’, currently 20 different online major retailers.  More

* set the ‘Start Up’ Iconic Grid.  More

* set the ‘Start Up’ Locked Page.  More

* the ability to enter our monthly £100 prize. Click the prizes button on the MyFav page for details.  More


Registering is free and we do not pass your details on to any other third party. Simply click the ‘Register’ button when you are on the MyFav page.

Plus when you have a personalised MyFav page, you can log in from internet connected computer in the world. Very useful when on holiday to access your most used internet pages.

Now click this button to load the MyFav Taxi page.

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