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MyFav was designed to be your ideal home page, once you have used MyFav for a short time and found out how efficiently you surf the net, you will wonder how you managed before MyFav. We recommend you register, which is free, and allows you to personalise your page.

Quick Help Note -  Personalising Bookmarks

Personalising your MyFav page is the most useful facility of MyFav. Once personalised you will have everything you need from the internet with just one click.

Whilst all browsers have the facility to store favourites. They are stored on your computer, so if you have a work computer, a home MAC or PC and a laptop, they need to be synchronised and certainly not available from an internet cafe. We have only allowed 40 bookmarks, which is ample for your most needed personal sites. Being stored online, they are there every time you log on and from any computer in the world. Being permanently located on the left, you know where they are without having to turn them on and as they launch any bookmark in a new page or tab, MyFav is always there for your future usage.

Initially only a few bookmarks are shown as our default, so that it makes it easy for you to see how to store your own Bookmarks/Favourites. By clicking the ‘Personalise’ button, and then the ‘Edit Personal Bookmark’ button, you will see the form below pop up. You will see that each of the 40 entries has a title and link. Enter your title and link in a spare field and press ‘Go’. The radio button is on ‘Save Changes & Exit’ as the default. The pop up will disappear. Your MyFav page looks no different, but if you the click the ‘Refresh’ button, your first edited link(s) will appear. Once you have the hang of this we suggest you delete our initial links.
Tip. Use search engine or the Q.A.B. to call up the page you want to store, then copy and paste the link into the form to ensure no typos.