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MyFav was designed to be your ideal home page, once you have used MyFav for a short time and found out how efficiently you surf the net, you will wonder how you managed before MyFav. We recommend you register, which is free, and allows you to personalise your page.

Quick Help Note -                     Locked Page


Clicking the ‘Locked’ button will reload this page. You can enter an unlock code here. The ‘Locked’ button will change from ‘Locked’ to the category of the unlock code.
Locked pages may be for special user groups, adult material or of special interest or purely to add extra categories. Coming soon are some of the extra categories that will be for general use and will have a drop down to select the category.
Entering the unlock code here will only be temporary as you will have to this again with your next session with MyFav, however under ‘Personalise’ ‘Edit My Personal Details & Gadgets’ where you can enter and set the ‘unlock code’. Then every time you log on, the Locked button will appear with your selected category.